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Cut Mix 400mg/ml
Active life: 8 days
Detection time: up to 5-6 months

More About The Product

Burnagem 200 is designed especially for cutting. We have formulated the product based on most popular cutting steroids who are used together. Product didn’t formulate with high amount of dosages because it needs to be injected Everyday or Every other day. This type of injection schedule will give a steady and strong blood steroid level which will end up with good and solid results. Maximum dosage is designed as 1 ml everyday as a total 2000 mg of powerful steroids. Of course, very advanced users can go to higher dosages but please try more lower dosages before you increase because Burnagem 200 is a very powerful product. Many Pro body builders in the past used only Burnagem 200 as pre contest steroid and without any help of any other injectables and they won their competitions. Burnagem 200 containes short ester steroids so pain level in injection area will be higher than other products. It also contains Testosterone Propionate which is famous with his high pain level. So, you will feel some amount of pain with this product for sure but don’t forget this pain will happen with all short ester products and there are not many things that we can do to make it less. But with a good injection plan you can reduce the pain. Please don’t inject more than 1 ml of Burnagem 200 to small muscles (Advised is 0,6 – 0,7 ml). And for big muscles like Gluteus maximum is 1,5 ml advised. You should also avoid injecting exactly to same spots on the muscle. For example, if you will inject on your shoulder use a little front part for 1 time and next week when you need to inject use back part of the muscle. 3–4 cm rotations create big comfort in injection sites and reduce pain level. Same can be done for leg muscle and triceps, you can go up and down. This means there can be 2 good places for injecting in 1 muscle. For very big muscles like gluteus you can rotate down to up and right to left. Many Professional Bodybuilders divide gluteus into 4 different injection areas. Please check how to inject section


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