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Promotes extreme fat loss & highly stimulates thermogenesis. Enhance energy levels.

More About The Product

Liothyronine sodium, or T3, is the synthetic form of the thyroid hormone T3. This hormone is four times stronger than T4 (levothyroxine). Our body produced two types of thyroid hormones; T3, which is the stronger form, and T4 which is the milder form. Cytomel has a mild anabolic compound and carries no androgenic properties at all.

Who can use

T3 is often used by bodybuilders, who work with growth hormones (GH) during their pre-contest. This product is also often used during the bulking season for bodybuilders (but only those who use GH). As GH tend to depress the thyroid function, the T3 helps to control and balance the situation. This product is highly discouraged for newcomers.

Women can consume this product in a very low dosage of no more than 25mcg/day, and for a period of no longer than 3-6 weeks Cytomel T3 can be risky as the use of this product (anything above 50mcg/day), for a long period, can lead to a complete shutdown of your own liver function, which can ultimately lead to a total damage of your own thyroid function, which will result in having to consume T3 for life-long.

Effects of Use

Side effect: insomnia, diarrhea, cardiovascular problems, constant damage of thyroid function, heavy sweating, and can lead to muscle damage.

Benefits: metabolises fat, carbohydrates, and protein much faster when use. Dramatically increases fat burn. Half lifetime of 36 hours.


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